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Our sleep situation has changed dramatically in the past six months, which I’ve recently described in my post The Hole in the Bed. We’ve only recently started snuggling in bed, and I can’t quite put my finger on why that is. Maybe it is the deeper connection we’ve achieved through our D/s.  Maybe it’s because I am now required to sleep topless, the sheets rub me sweetly as I toss about, arousing me and causing me to nuzzle into him, needful in my sleep. Or that my breasts are free for Sir to grab and twist and even in sleep, he is pulled to do so.

I’ve recently woken up moaning, lying on my back with my fingers at my nipples pulling and tugging. I must have been pulled from a dream I couldn’t remember. I often have extremely vivid dreams, and sometimes I can wake up, recall the dream in detail and then continue the dream when I go back to sleep. I couldn’t remember this particular dream, but it must have been something special because I was feeling desperate. Sir often does not sleep well and has trouble falling back to sleep when awakened, so when he is snoring softly next to me, I am very hesitant to disturb him. This night, I needed him, so I quietly scooched closer to him rubbed my leg against his thigh. Just a light little hump, so that if he was awake he might notice. He didn’t stir, so I rested my hand on his thigh right next to his cock and gave it a light squeeze. He still didn’t move, so I resigned myself to failure and settled in to get back to sleep. Suddenly, I felt him grab my hand in his and move it to his cock. I grinned in the darkness. Yesssssss. I began to stroke him, half hard at first and then swelling against my fingers, until I urgently tugged at his boxer shorts needing better access to him. He lifted his hips up and allowed me to slide them down. I was no longer satisfied by touching him with my hand, so I leaned over and took him into my mouth, gently wetting his cock and massaging it with my tongue and throat. He let out a deep sigh and grabbed me by the shoulders, pulling me up to straddle him. We rarely have sex like this, with me on top riding him, so it felt incredibly sensual and intimate. I was staring into the darkness at his face, no features visible, but I knew that he was looking right back at me. He cupped my breasts as I gyrated slowly on top of him, my hands mirrored on his chest. He whispered into the quiet, “I love you so much”, and then he came, a faint groan escaping his chest. I didn’t have an orgasm that night, and I didn’t need one after that. I felt completely satisfied, and I slipped into a peaceful sleep curled into his arms.

Another night, I didn’t wake from my dream, and I must have been moaning in my sleep, probably humping the air or his leg as I often do to his amusement. When I did wake, his hand was nestled into my panties, his knuckles tickling the soft skin of my upper thighs. His fingers stroked my clit, hitting me in just the right spot, sliding easily in my wetness. He felt me rise from sleep, and he leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Cum for me”, and I did. I came right then, and it was so unexpected and perfect, the orgasm quietly but violently rippled through my sleepy body. I mumbled a thank you as he draped his arms around me and we drifted back to sleep. I awoke the next morning feeling immensely grateful and superbly horny.

1One Sunday morning, Sir allowed me to sleep in. I sleep heavily, so it’s not uncommon for the house to be buzzing with life while I’m snoozing away in our bed. At some point before I began to stir, he crept in and began to tie me to the bed, a piece of bamboo tucked under one foot and my panties tied to the side exposing my butt to the morning light. I would wake up momentarily and then drift back off to sleep as he worked, and when I finally woke completely, I realized I was completely immobilized. He teased me with Sophie, his first home-made punishment paddle now retired, rubbing her dimpled surface across my cheeks. I was so relaxed and knew that he wasn’t going to use her on me, so I didn’t feel the tension or anticipation that I normally would in her presence. At the time, I had been on a very strict diet, only vegetables, fruits, oatmeal and natural peanut butter, and Sir thought it would be fun to torment me by bringing me some of my favorite salty snacks, placing them a few inches in front of my face on the bed (Sundays I wash the sheets so I wasn’t worried about crumbs in the bed, eww!) He told me I could have them if I could reach them, and I laughed as I tried to scrunch up towards them, catching them with my tongue and bringing them into my mouth. It was an absurdly funny task to wake up to first thing in the morning, but I always appreciate his creativity, even when it is a bit twisted!

It’s strange but I never used to enjoy morning sex or nighttime sex. I felt that my body was too asleep to be able to respond properly. But lately I’ve realized that I am sometimes able to enjoy it more because my mind is turned off to daytime thoughts, I’m able to more easily relax into the feelings and sensations. Sir has recently instructed me to start practicing meditation, so that I can learn to better turn off my brain, and hopefully this will help me to focus less on the thoughts bouncing around in my head and more on the feelings he is giving me.


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8 thoughts on “Sleeps”

  1. That’s quite the imposing paddle. Perhaps a good thing that it is retired?? My Queen needs to be relaxed to have orgasms too. Sometimes there is so much happening that it is difficult to help her succeed. But I love the challenge!!


  2. I love how primal sex in the middle of the night/morning can feel, like a switch inside you instantly. Was very hot reading your feelings on it. I can’t resist a good snuggle though.


    1. Thanks! I do sleep very very deeply! We used to live on the edge of a sketchy neighborhood, and one night there were gun shots right outside of our window, like 8 feet from where I was sleeping. I didn’t wake up at all. Sir had to drag me to the floor to take cover!


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