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What are You Doing?


Masturbation Monday Week 227’s prompt is this selfie by Adrian Kenny.

Photo courtesy of Adrian Kenny.


I like that picture of you! What are you doing?

Nothing, I’m watching TV.

Naked? What are you watching?

Yes, naked! It’s really hot here. The cooking channel, they’re making cupcakes.

Tell me about them, please!

Right now they’re making browned butter cupcakes with a salted caramel buttercream frosting.

Ohh that sounds delicious!

Do you like caramel buttercream?

Mmmmm… yes, Sir, very much!

Do you like browned butter?

I’m not sure I’ve ever tried it, but I’m sure I would.

Do you want to try it?

Yes, please, Sir!

Open your mouth and put your finger inside, be a good girl. Suck on it for me. Swirl your tongue around the tip, get it wet for me.


Did you do that for me? Is your finger nice and wet?

Yes, Sir.

I want you to rub your nipple, slowly now. Coat the tip of it with your wet finger, roll it around until you start to feel it elsewhere, down in your little clit. Does that feel good?

Yesssss, it feels good.

Can you feel your pussy getting warmer for me?

Yes, Sir. I can feel a tingle down there.

Good girl, now pinch your nipple. Hard. Be a good little slut for me and make it hurt.

Ahh! Yes, just like when you touch me…

Tell me how it feels.

It hurts, but it feels good. I can feel my pussy start to throb every time I pinch it. I think I’m getting wet!

You’re such a filthy slut, I don’t even need to be there with you and you’re already getting wet for me. Does it feel a little tender? Is your nipple feeling very sensitive?

Yes, Sir. God, I wish you were here with me!

Keep tugging on that nipple for me, roll it around between your fingers and don’t stop until I tell you. Who owns that nipple?

You do, Sir. It’s yours. Mmm… I’m pulling on it hard, and it’s making me feel so needy for you.

Yes, you are a needy little slut. My needy little slut. With a greedy pussy too. What are you doing with your other hand?

It’s resting on my stomach. I want to put it inside my panties, please Sir, may I touch myself?

No, little girl, you may not. That’s my pussy, and I’ll not have it touched without my permission.

Uuunghh! It’s so hard though!

You are such a whore for your Sir, aren’t you? You just can’t help yourself. So needy. I bet your panties are soaked through, aren’t they?

I think so. I don’t want to put my hand down there. I might be bad if I do.

Good girl, you made the right choice. Are you still touching my nipple for me? Still rubbing it between your fingers, making it hurt?

Yes, Sir. I am and it, oh I can’t think straight right now.

Yes, you’re my needy mindless slut. A toy I can play with any time I want. Even now when I’m not even with you.

Yes, I belong to you. I’m your toy to use.

You may stop pinching it. I want you to rub it softly with the palm of your hand. Just tickle the tip of it. I know it’s hard for me. It likes to be handled like that doesn’t it? To be pinched and pulled on roughly?

It really likes it when you play with it, Sir. I did make it hard for you, though. Oh! 

How does it feel now, with just your palm? Sounds like you like it my little toy. I can hear you moaning like a desperate needy slut.

Sir, I really like how my palm rolls it around and tickles it, it’s so tender and sensitive! But I wish you were here!

I know you do. You want my cock inside you don’t you. Which hole do you think I’d take if I were there?

I think you’d start in my mouth, Sir. You’d push into me until I couldn’t breathe and I would love that right now. Ahh. Please. Can I touch myself?

No, you may not. Keep rubbing on that nipple. What would I do to you after I used your mouth? Do you think I’d want that slippery pussy? Or would I take your tight ass?

My pussy Sir! It’s so ready for you! Uh, fuck! Please!

That does sound nice. My slut’s wet pussy, open and ready for me. Do you think I would tease you first, enter you slowly, just pushing the tip in?

No, Sir, I think you’d push me down over the end of the sofa and shove into me, quickly. You’d push your fingers into my hips and grip me as you thrust, hitting me deep inside. Or maybe you’d pull on my hair?

You’d like that, wouldn’t you? If I used your hair as a handle to fuck you harder. Maybe I’d rake my fingernails down your back as I took you, greedy little girl.

Please, Sir! Please! Ppshhht!

You’re not making any sense. I can just picture you there all by yourself, a writhing incoherent puddle on the floor. Have you made a puddle yet? Is your pussy leaking out onto the floor? Did my little slut get the floor dirty? You’re going to have to clean up your mess!

I’m not… I don’t know! Please!

Alright, do it. Touch yourself. Scream for me when you cum. Stick your fingers deep into your pussy for me.

Phh.. ohhh! Thank… uunnngghhh! . . . thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!

Good girl, that was a beautiful sound. I do love to hear the noises my toy makes when I play with it.

Thank you, Sir!

Now put your hands in your mouth and taste yourself.


Do you taste how sweet you are? How rich and creamy?


That’s what browned butter tastes like. Like your sweet pussy, my good little slut. Now go clean yourself up. I’ll see you when I get back tomorrow.


Masturbation Monday

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