IMG_3158 2After ten years of a mostly “vanilla” relationship, my husband and I decided to transition to a Dominant/submissive dynamic and dove headfirst into the exciting world of BDSM. Like many other aspects of our love story, it happened serendipitously, naturally and suddenly. We had a great marriage to begin with, but it only improved when we allowed ourselves to explore our true desires and open up to ideas we had previously suppressed.

We enjoy the practice of Shibari, so many of the photos and stories on this blog will revolve around rope bondage. I especially love the feeling of the rope on my skin, the feeling of vulnerability I have while tied, and it allows me to easily drop into subspace and float in that hazy world of nothingness. We try to practice a few times a week and attend a local class once a month.

Our quaint and idyllic home sits on the side of a mountain in Western North Carolina and provides us with complete privacy, we don’t have to worry about disturbing any peace! The woods surrounding our home are also wild and primitive and provide lots of opportunity to play outdoors. We aren’t great photographers or writers, but we do want to share our love story and invite you to peek into our kinky lives, and we hope to meet some new people along the way!


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