BDSM, Submission

Punishment Fits the Crime

"Do you still need me to lay hands on you?" "Yes, Sir, but it can wait til this evening if y..." "No", he cut me off abruptly. "We will do it this morning". He moved to the bench and sat down, motioning for me to bend over his knee. I'd asked for a reset spanking… Continue reading Punishment Fits the Crime

Fiction, Masturbation Monday

What are You Doing?

  Masturbation Monday Week 227's prompt is this selfie by Adrian Kenny.   I like that picture of you! What are you doing? Nothing, I'm watching TV. Naked? What are you watching? Yes, naked! It's really hot here. The cooking channel, they're making cupcakes. Tell me about them, please! Right now they're making browned butter… Continue reading What are You Doing?